Pictorial Essays

The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and … people whose aim is to disrupt society always know how to make good use of them on occasion… Diderot

Three-quarter length portrait of Brown accompanies text describing the insurrection at Harper’s Ferry. Caption under Brown’s picture: John Brown, now under sentence of death for treason and murder, at Charlestown, Va. From a photograph taken one year ago by Martin M. Lawrence, 381 Broadway, N.Y. The secret six : the true tale of the men […]

The Southerners were fighting with the energy of despair… at all events, they were determined to command the enemy’s respect for their courage and ability, and I don’t think any brave sailor or soldier ever withheld it… Admiral David Dixon Porter [USN]

Admiral David Dixon Porter : the Civil War years Chester G. Hearn Annapolis, MD : Naval Institute Press, c 1996 Hardcover. 1st ed. and printing. xx, 376 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 355-376) and index. Clean, tight and strong binding with clean dust jacket. No highlighting, underlining or marginalia in […]

I trust that I have the courage to lead a forlorn hope… John C. Breckinridge

A crude nonpartisan satire, parodying all four candidates in the 1860 presidential election. A map of the United States hung on a wall is being torn apart by three of the candidates. Lincoln (far left) and Douglas tear at the western part of the country, as Breckinridge (center) attacks the South. The fourth, John Bell […]

It is said the South will never submit — that we cannot conquer the rebels — that they will suffer themselves to be slaughtered, and their whole country to be laid waste. Sir, war is a grievous thing at best, and civil war more than any other ; but if they hold this language, and the means which they have suggested must be resorted to ; if their whole country must be laid waste and made a desert, in order to save this Union from destruction, so let it be. I would rather, Sir, reduce them to a condition where their whole country is to be re-peopled by a band of freemen… Thaddeus Stevens

  A grand allegory of the reconciliation of North and South through the federal program of Reconstruction. Visionary in its breadth and scale, the work is a remarkable combination of religious and patriotic ideology. In “Bateman’s National Picture” (as the print is termed in a published key) the government is represented as a colossal pavilion-like […]


Civil War weapons  Graham Smith Hardcover. 256 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm. Clean, tight and strong binding with clean dust jacket. No highlighting, underlining or marginalia in text. VG/VG  War is a driver for technological change, and the evolution of weapons can be seen by studying the design of the Civil War […]

Artillery lends dignity to what might otherwise be a vulgar brawl… Frederick The Great

From Selma to Appomattox : the history of the Jeff Davis Artillery  Lawrence R. Laboda  Shippensburg, PA, USA : White Mane Pub., c 1994  Hardcover. xiv, 385 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 367-370) and index. Clean, tight and strong binding with clean dust jacket. No highlighting, underlining or marginalia […]

I would rather be a private in Virginia’s army than a general in any army that was going to coerce her… J. E. B. Stuart

From Cedar Mountain to Antietam  Edward J. Stackpole ; commentary by D. Scott Hartwig ; foreword by William C. Davis  Harrisburg, PA : Stackpole Books, c 1993  Softcover. 2nd ed. xiv, 481 p. : ill., maps ; 21 cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. 474) and index. Clean, tight and strong binding with. No highlighting, underlining […]